CafeSing ORCA Flat Burr

ORCA Flat Burr Design Review

Simple Answer

Many coffee lovers ask me, why not use the SSP64mm standard flat burr to build a coffee grinder, but use the redesigned 49mm ORCA Flat Burr?

The simple answer is that directly using a standard flat-burr for a hand grinder does not conform to my preferred design concept.

The issue-oriented answer is that directly installing the SSP64mm standard flat burr into a hand grinder will cause many problems. The most obvious problem is that it will be very laborious to use manual hand grinding.

Large-sized flat burrs require a lot of power; before the hand grinders' labor-saving mechanical transmission design, turning large-sized flat burrs by human hand like a fitness exercise similar to lifting dumbbells.


Design Concepts

Before briefly reviewing the design process of ORCA Flat Burr, I would like to explain my preferred design philosophy: NATURE × SIMPLICITY. I believe that following these two concepts, innovative products will eventually be designed.

People should participate in the natural cycle process.
Adapt existing tools to solve problems while reducing the emergence of new ones.


Design Process Led by NATURE

NATURE, this design concept determines that the final product is a hand grinder, not only because manpower is a clean energy source, but also because commercial electric grinders are a redundant waste of functionality and efficiency for weekend baristas.

Commercial electric grinders ultimately leave the weekend barista with a suitable particle size distribution + 20g grinding in 6 seconds + stable performance, but it consumes vast resources, compared with hand grinders, it requires at least an additional motor + power supply + circuit board. Make additional designs to consider the safety of high speeds, 110v or wide range voltage, circuit board protection, and the construction of maintenance service networks in various regions, etc.


Design Process Led by SIMPLICITY

Based on the SIMPLICITY, I rethought hand coffee grinder shell, flat burr size, grinding efficiency, suitable for human-driven, and the grinding quality.

  a. Hand Grinder Shell

The final appearance of the hand grinder was that of a standard conical burr hand grinder, because everyone has already accepted this appearance, and it does not need to be modified.

  b. Flat Burr Size

To prevent the grinder's appearance from becoming a new problem, the diameter of the flat-burr was modified to 49mm, because there is a mature 48mm conical-burr hand grinder on the market.

orca flat burr size 01

  c. Grinding Efficiency

Drawing lessons from the design of commercial electric grinders, adding pre-crushing components to improve the grinding efficiency of hand grinders.

orca flat burr pre cutting design

  d. Suitable for Human-driven

In grinding coffee beans, in order for people to use hand grinders to save more effort, it is necessary to reduce the energy demand per unit of time.

We can reduce the energy demand by lowering flat-burr's grinding area and minimizing the beans entering the burrs per unit of time.

    d1. Lowering Burr Grinding Area

Make the annular area of the flat burr available for grinding as small as possible (the outer ring area minus the inner ring area). The grinding area of the 64mmSSP flat burr is 2095mm², and the Orca Flat Burr has achieved 1578 mm², reduced by 25%.

    d2. Reducing Beans Entering per Unit Time

Minimize flat-burr's inner ring circumference, to reduce the beans entering per unit of time. The inner ring circumference of the 64mm SSP flat knife is 119mm, and ORCA Burr's is 62mm, which is reduced by 48%.

Minimize flat-burr's thickness, and lower the depth of the knife groove near the inner ring, to reduce beans entering per unit of time. The thickness of SSP64mm is 8.66mm, and ORCA Burr's thickness is 5mm, which is a 42% reduction.

  e. Grinding Quality

Many reasons affect the grinding quality of flat burrs. I think the simplest design way, under labor-saving, is to extend the straight grinding path as much as possible, and this can increase the grinding (cutting and extrusion) ) times.

The straight-line grinding path of the SSP64mm flat burr is 13.1mm, and the ORCA Flat Burr reached 14.6mm. Briefly described, ORCA Flat Burr can obtain uniform fine powder, and the ORCA Ghost Burr can get uniform coarse powder.

orca flat burr size

Such a grinding distance allows the Orca Flat Burr, to obtain more target particle powder at less than 600 microns, and we can get a certain amount of fine powder simultaneously; its bimodal structure is very suitable for espresso with light-roasted beans. The similar ghost burr design can obtain more target particle powder at more than 900 microns, ideal for the French press immersion method, large-dose Chemex drip, and Japanese pour-over with dark-roasted beans.

CafeSing ORCA Ghost Burr

ORCA Manual Coffee Grinder

We followed the design concept (NATURE × SIMPLICITY), put the modified 49mm flat burr and ghost burr into the standard conical burr hand grinder shell, and finally designed the innovative Orca Manual Coffee Grinder product.

My goal is to make hand-made equipment for weekend baristas. Weekend baristas are the most suitable people for hand grinders. They are not like some cafe guys who pursue efficiency, but are immersed in making craft coffee, appreciate coffee with passion, and look forward to natural gifts. I hope you will enjoy the ORCA hand grinder.

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