CafeSing ORCA Ghost Burr Grinder

Brew Less Bitter Dark-Roast Coffee with ORCA Ghost Burr Grinder


For hand drip brewing of dark-roast beans, we aim to reduce the bitterness and have a sweet aftertaste.



To achieve this, select a pour-over coffee dripper with a fast flow rate and control three variables: particle size, water temperature, and coffee-to-water ratio.


Coffee Dripper

For medium/dark roast coffee beans, it is recommended to use a fast flow rate dripper, such as the Hario V60.


Particle Size

Grind dark-roast beans coarser than light-roast beans.

For example, light-roast beans set to grind clicks 8, and dark-roast beans can be set to grind clicks 10 for the first time.


Water Temperature

Brew dark-roast beans at a lower temperature than light-roast beans.

For example, the water temp of light-roast beans is 92°C, and the water temp of dark-roast beans can be set to 85-89°C for the first time.


Coffee-to-Water Ratio

Dark-roast beans require less brewing water than light-roast beans

For example, the coffee-to-water ratio of light-roast beans is 1:18, and dark-roast beans can be set to 1:16 for the first time.



If the coffee tastes too bitter after brewing, adjust as follows:

The particle size continues to be coarsened; adjust grinding clicks from 10 to 11;

Continue to lower the water temperature, adjust the water temp from 89°C to 87°C, and finally, not lower than 85°C;

Continue to decrease the brewing water, adjust from 1:16 to 1:15, and the final coffee-to-water ratio should not be lower than 1:12.


Brewing Demonstration

This video demonstrates brewing with 30g dark-roast Mandheling.

CafeSing Orca ghost tooth burrs grinder clicks-10, the water temp is set to 85°C, and the coffee-to-water ratio is 1:15. 

After fixing the three variables of particle size, water temp, and coffee-to-water ratio, we only pay attention to two parameters during the brewing process, total extraction time and total water injection volume.

The total extraction time of 30g coffee powder should be within 3'30, and the total extraction time can be controlled by controlling the water injection speed.

The coffee-to-water ratio is 1:15, 30g powder requires a total 450g water injection, and the amount of water injection is controlled by observing the data of the coffee scale.

Choose a V60 size 01, limited by the capacity of the dripper; the water will be cut off passively; we use the multiple-pouring method.

No need to pay attention to the specific amount of water each pouring; keep pouring water in circles, stop the injection when the dripper is full, and continue to pour water when the dripper has room.

Try to make the total water reach 450g within 3 minutes, and then stop the pouring, wait for the water to run out. 

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