CafeSing Orca Grinder with Drill

Drill Drive ORCA G1 Flat Burr Grinder to Make Iced Espresso Coffee

1. Quick Grinding

The center shaft of Orca grinder is designed to fit the extension rod of the hand drill. Using a 1000 rpm hand drill can greatly shorten the grinding time of espresso powder.

 CafeSing Orca grinder with Drill

2. Capture Origin Flavor

Grind light-roast beans with a flat burr to obtain coffee powder with bimodal particle size distribution under a clean taste, allowing you to become a hunter of the origin flavor easily.

CafeSing Orca Flat Burr

3. Cafelat Robot

Small size unplugged home espresso machine, unlike commercial espresso makers that need to fill up the big boiler with water, easy to operate.


4. Cool and Quiet

Add ice cubes to the espresso to cool down the origin flavor and return to the tranquility of nature in the hot summer.

CafeSing Orca Grinder with Iced Espresso Coffee

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