cafesing grizz grinder

GRIZZ G1 Grinder Parameters and Brew Clicks

CafeSing G1 Grizz Parameters
Product Material stainless steel + aluminum alloy + walnut
Grizz Conical Burr 38mm SUS420 stainless steel heptagon conical burr
Beans Capacity Light Roast - 38g; Medium Roast - 36g; Dark Roast - 33g
Powder Capacity 40g
Product Weight 1.46 lb; 663g
Diameter-Height-Handle 2.2-5.9-6.9 in; 5.7-15.1-17.6 cm
Grinding Adjustment 16-micron per click
Grinding Numbered Ring External-adjusting-ring 60 clicks per turn, grinding-zero-point at click-30 of the first turn, effective-grinding-range total 120 clicks (2.5 turns).


Suggested  Grinding
Espresso Clicks   30  to  60
Moka-Pot Clicks   60  to  90
Pour-Over Clicks   90  to 120
French-Press Clicks  120 to 150
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