cafesing grizz grinder

GRIZZ G1 Grinder Conical Burrs Install and Calibrate

  1. Rotate grinder to install outer-burr + adjustment-ring

  2. Install the inner-burr + spring + gasket on shaft, gasket protrudes faces the bearing

  3. Install inner-burr + spring + gasket + shaft on the grinder

  4. Finger press inner-burr bottom, rotate to install the fixed ring of shaft, ring protrudes faces the bearing

  5. Install the handle and powder bin

  6. Rotate external-adjusting-ring counterclockwise until it stops turning

  7. Then rotate ring clockwise to click-30 on the first turn, which is the grinding-zero-point

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I see a bunch of videos but no user manual.


Hello, I have been trying to remove the burrs but it is very hard to remove the lock, I simply cannot and I am afraid to apply too much force and damage it, how can I remove it? I see the video but I am not able to do it

Harvey Rodríguez

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