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CafeSing GRIZZ Manual Coffee Grinder

CafeSing GRIZZ Manual Coffee Grinder

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Espresso and Drip Grinder

With 38mm Grizz heptagon stainless steel conical burr, 16-micron per click and total 120 grinding clicks, perfectly fitting the major coffee brewing methods - espresso, drip, and immersion.  


Good Milk Espresso

Grizz conical burr creates a tight structure of coarse, medium, and fine powder layers; it can increase the coffee strength under traditional dark roast blended beans and high-pressure extraction, very suitable for making espresso milk coffee.


Advanced Hand Drip

A heptagonal burr prevents too many beans from piling up in one grinding channel. The burr groove is almost vertical, which shortens the grinding path and reduces grinding times. This helps prevent excessive fine powder and creates a well-layered powder structure. It's perfect for advanced pour-over brewing and brings out the rich complexity of coffee flavors. 


Superior Design

Tools-free quick disassembly; 38mm burr makes grinding a breeze; metal integrated body, robust and durable; numbered external adjusting ring, dial in desired grinding setting in a second; 3-bearing fixed axis, high concentricity output uniform powder.


GRIZZ Grinder Parameters

Product Material stainless steel + aluminum alloy + walnut
Grizz Conical Burr 38mm SUS420 stainless steel heptagon conical burr
Beans Capacity Light Roast - 38g; Medium Roast - 36g; Dark Roast - 33g
Powder Capacity 40g
Product Weight 1.46 lb; 663g
Diameter-Height-Handle 2.2-5.9-6.9 in; 5.7-15.1-17.6 cm
Grinding Adjustment 16-micron per click
Grinding Numbered Ring External-adjusting-ring 60 clicks per turn, grinding-zero-point at click-30 of the first turn, effective-grinding-range total 120 clicks (2.5 turns).

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Customer Reviews

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The Feel of Art

Most art is viewed. The CafeSing Grizz Manuel Coffee Grinder is the feel of art. I have owned several hand grinders (not electric blade style). Grinding whole coffee beans with my new CafeSing is the feel of creation. I am thrilled many times each day!