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CafeSing OWL G1 Smart Espresso Scale

CafeSing OWL G1 Smart Espresso Scale

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OWL G1 Scale Overview

We followed SIMPLICITY design concept, made the espresso scale smaller and thinner, achieved a stable measurement accuracy of 0.1g, redesigned the auto functions and combined these into the intelligent mode, and finally designed the innovative product OWL Espresso Scale.


OWL G1 Scale Features

  • Very Thin: Only 14mm thickness, length×width=116mm×100mm
  • High Precision: Stable and non-data-drift 0.1g accuracy
  • Metal Structure: All aluminum alloy for shell, Internal support, weighing pan
  • Intelligent Mode: Integrate auto functions into smart espresso modes 


OWL G1 Scale Modes

  Mode-Espresso1 Mode-Espresso2 Mode-Hand
Weigh-Tare Automatic Manual Manual
Timing+Weigh Automatic Lock->Automatic Manual
Stop Measuring Automatic Automatic Manual
Data Display Automatic Automatic Manual


OWL G1 Scale Parameters

Item Size 116×100×14mm
Item Weight 203g
Item Color Black
Weighing Range 0.3-2000g
Accuracy 0.1g
Measuring Unit g / s
Material Aluminum Alloy / ABS
Battery 1200mAh
Operate Mode Hand / Espresso1 / Espresso2
Package OWL Coffee Scale x 1
Heat Resistant Pad x 1
Type-C Charger Cable x 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dmitry Pavlushko
the scales are well made

Auto timer - not sure, I prefer explicitly start timer. So, I only use manual mode.
A small inconvenience. I have a small stand and the unit hangs down, exposing the left edge that I grab to remove the scale, causing the mode to change.

Small product Big results

This scale is almost 1/2 the size of my previous scale and its functionality is superb. Love the design of the scale and it feels very well made.

Excellent reasonably priced espresso scale

After searching for an espresso scale and being used to the Acaia Lunar, the Owl G1 meets my expectations and fits great with my Sage Bambino Plus.