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CafeSing OWL G2 Smart Espresso Scale

CafeSing OWL G2 Smart Espresso Scale

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OWL G2 Scale Overview

OWL Smart Espresso Scale G2 optimizes the auto-timing function compared to the G1 version, even at an espresso flow rate of 0.5g/s with practically zero delays.


OWL G2 Scale Features

  • Super Thin | Only 14mm thickness, length×width=116mm×100mm.
  • High Precision | Stable and non-data-drift 0.1g measurement accuracy.
  • All-Metal | All aluminum alloy for the shell, Internal support, and weighing pan.
  • Intelligent Mode | Combine 6 smart functions into 2 intelligent assisted espresso-making mode.


OWL G2 Scale Modes

  Mode-Espresso1 Mode-Espresso2 Mode-Hand
Weigh-Tare Automatic Manual Manual
Timing+Weigh Automatic Lock->Automatic Manual
Stop Measuring Automatic Automatic Manual
Data Display Automatic Automatic Manual


Integrate 6 Functions into 2 Intelligent Espresso Modes

Function - Intelligent Tare

Intelligently determines whether it is fluid or a solid, and tare only after identifying the solid item. If solids are placed on the weighing pan in sequence, then auto-tare in sequence (e.g., put the pad first and then the cup), and the auto-timing will not be triggered.


Function - Intelligent Timing

Intelligently recognizes that the liquid is not solid and has gained weight, then automatically starts the timing.


Function - Auto-Timing Lock

Only after manual unlocking can the pending state of auto-timing be entered; it is convenient to perform other hand operations before automatic timing, such as checking the weight of beans and powders and manual tare.


Function - Intelligent Stop Measuring 1

Intelligently recognizes that the liquid does not gain weight, then automatically stops timing and weighing. It is suitable for semi-automatic espresso machines that are continuously drip liquid.


Function - Intelligent Stop Measuring 2

Intelligent recognition of sudden weight loss, automatically stops timing and weighing. It is suitable for pulsing drip liquid coffee machines, such as hand-pressed espresso-makers and pour-over coffee brewing.


Function - Intelligent Frozen Data

Intelligently locked the time and weight data of espresso when the extraction is stopped and displayed to facilitate people to record data.


Mode - Espresso1

Put these functions of Intelligent Tare + Intelligent Timing + Intelligent Stop Measuring 1 + Intelligent Frozen Data into full assist Mode-E1. Under Mode-Espresso1, there is no need to do any manual operation on the scale, which is very suitable for semi-automatic espresso machines.


Mode - Espresso2 Put these functions of Auto-timing Lock + Intelligent Timing + Intelligent Stop Measuring 2 + Intelligent Frozen Data into semi-assist Mode E2. Under Mode-Espresso2, you only need to hand tare and unlock auto-timing, and everything else is automated, which is very suitable for hand-pressed espresso makers and hand drip.

OWL G2 Scale Parameters

Item Size 116×100×14mm
Item Weight 203g
Item Color Black
Weighing Range 0.3-2000g
Accuracy 0.1g
Measuring Unit g / s
Material Aluminum Alloy / ABS
Battery 1200mAh
Operate Mode Hand / Espresso1 / Espresso2
Package OWL Coffee Scale x 1
Heat Resistant Pad x 1
Type-C Charger Cable x 1

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